Why webtoons have become so popular

Do you realize the popularity of webtoons these days? Webtoon popularity has grown tremendously.

First of all, webtoons are highly accessible. Because it is available online, you can view it anytime, anywhere.

And there are many free ones, so anyone can watch them.

Genres are also diverse. It has all the elements that the public likes, including action, fantasy, and romance. There are also webtoon works that target specific needs.

Because it comes out in serial form, people are waiting with anticipation. We talk to each other about how the next story will proceed. 툰코

It adds fun to the work as you wait and imagine the story that will be serialized in the future.

You can also view webtoons and leave comments. Writers and the public can communicate, and the public can communicate with each other. So people can become more immersed and have fun watching it.

Webtoon artists have their own unique drawing style. So people feel satisfied while appreciating the works of various artists.

Among webtoons, some of the most successful ones are made into dramas or movies. Then, the original author also provides a different kind of fun.

Webtoons also reflect the culture of the country. By addressing cultural issues, they also gain sympathy from the public.

For this reason, webtoons are becoming more popular and in demand.