Does VAT vary by country?

VAT may vary by country. Value-added tax is defined in various ways depending on the tax system and laws of each country or region, and the levy rate, exempt items, and levy method may vary.

Each country creates and operates its own value-added tax (or VAT, Value Added Tax) system, and the regulations and tax rates for value-added tax may differ greatly between countries.

Please refer to the main features of VAT below.


Each country sets its own VAT rate. Tax rates can vary depending on the type of goods and services and are usually added as a percentage to the price of the goods and services.

exempted items

In some countries, VAT may not be applied or may be exempted from VAT on certain products or services. For example, health care services, educational services, groceries, etc. may be exempt. 부가세계산기

How to charge

VAT is generally levied at several stages in the production and distribution process, and is passed on to consumers after payment of VAT at each stage. This is called “value added,” meaning taxes on the value added at each step.

exception rule

Some countries may not charge VAT on consumption below a certain amount.

Regulations and Management

Regulations for managing VAT may vary depending on the country and region. Tax authorities supervise and collect it.

Therefore, specific regulations and rates for VAT may vary from country to country.

For more detailed information about VAT in a specific country or region, please refer to that country’s tax authority or government website. Alternatively, it is recommended that you consult a tax professional.

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